We Luv Our Pups

We Know Our Pups, We Luv Our Pups. We visit and health screen every Pups Luv Pup at the breeder’s home. We know each of our puppies, their mom and dad and the devoted, humane breeder who loves and cares for them. We believe finding your perfect Pup should be comfortable and convenient.

Pup Luv believes that the parents of your new puppy are just as important as your new puppy itself. The Pups Luv team has a sincere passion for partnering with like-minded professional breeders. We maintain a high level of engagement with veterinarians, canine behaviorist, and certified canine health organizations to ensure the health and wellbeing of your puppy is our number one priority.

We can’t wait to help you find the newest member of your family!

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At PupsLuv, our purpose is to match each and every one of our amazing puppies with their perfect forever family. That is why we visit every PupsLuv Pup at the breeder’s home. We know each of our puppies, their mom and dad and the devoted, humane breeders who love and care for them. Having a healthy and happy companion is the most important thing. You can rest assured that each and every puppy has received a thorough veterinarian health examination and we back that with our 10 year PupsLuv Health Assurance Program.

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Comprehensive Breeder Screening

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Health Assurance Program

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AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T., Canine Care Certified, OFA

Why Choose PupsLuv?

We put in the work so you can find and adopt your Pup to Luv with confidence.

PupsLuv knows your puppy!

A PupsLuv Puppy-Care Expert visits the breeder...

  • At 5 to 6 weeks of age a PupsLuv Puppy-Care Expert visits, health screens and plays with your puppy.
  • We review your puppy’s veterinarian created health plan and make sure everything is up to date including vaccinations and our PupsLuv Proprietary Puppy Health Protocol.
  • We visit and get to play with your puppy’s parents.
  • We are onsite to review and inspect the breeder’s kennel facility and ensure all required certifications are valid and up to date.
  • We visit with your puppy’s breeder … and we Luv visiting often since most PupsLuv-partnered breeders are families that truly love raising puppies. We talk and share best practices.
  • We utilize a microchip to ensure proper and accurate identification of your puppy.
  • At approximately 8 to 9 weeks of age your puppy receives a thorough veterinarian health examination which is attested to by the veterinarian signing your puppy’s official Health Certificate.

These important steps in our PupsLuv Quality and Health Assurance Program will assure you that we know exactly where your puppy is coming from and how your puppy was raised.

The PupsLuv Difference

Many websites selling puppies work very much like a classified ad in that they often deal with breeders from a distance and digitally; relying on the information they receive to be factual and relying on the breeder to self-manage their kennel and canine care.

These online classified sites often do not have personal onsite visits and relationships with their puppies, parents or breeders.

At PupsLuv we make it our primary focus to visit every puppy, their mom and dad, and our select group of partnered breeders to ensure happy, healthy puppies and parents.

Need Help?

PupsLuv Pros are expert puppy+pet parent matchmakers. We are here to answer any questions and assist in making your adoption experience a pleasure

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PupsLuv is proud to support, promote, and work with the nations most prominent Pup Luv-ing organizations:

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