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Our Puppy Health Assurance Program

At Pups Luv we consider our relationship with our puppies and customers to be lifelong… far beyond the day you receive your puppy from us. We know our Pups and we Luv our Pups… is more than just a slogan, it is what we do every day and it all starts with our dedicated, inspected and approved elite breeder community.  We make it our primary focus to visit every puppy, their mom, dad and breeder to ensure happy, healthy puppies and parents. Rest assured that everything possible has been done to ensure your puppy is healthy at the time of adoption and that tremendous efforts have been made to provide a strong foundation for a long, healthy and happy life.

Yet, like us humans, puppies are living breathing beings and subject to the possibility of encountering various challenges to their health. Many factors will play a role in the ongoing health of your puppy, such as nutrition, exercise, environment, appropriate ongoing veterinarian care and genetics, to name a few. We can’t guarantee your puppy will never encounter a health issue but we do promise to have done everything possible to help ensure a healthy life for your puppy and we offer the most comprehensive Puppy Health Assurance Program to serve you should a health challenge arise. For more details about our Pups Luv 10 Year Health Assurance Program, please click here.

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