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Change in environment and adjusting to a new family can be stressful for your puppy especially in the first 7 to 10 days. This stress can be hard to identify but can have serious negative effects on your puppy’s short term health. Puppies 6 to 16 weeks old naturally sleep 15 to 20 hours per day. Like babies, puppies are experiencing tremendous brain development and this requires substantial sleep times daily. Although your puppy may appear to have boundless energy… this is not the case. Do not over-play your puppy as this can interfere with critical eating and sleeping schedules that are vital to your puppy’s health and wellbeing.

Adhere to the instructions and advice provided to you with your Pups Luv adoption;

Pups Luv Feeding Instructions; contact us if your puppy is not eating. Not eating is one of the most common negative impacts of new home puppy stress syndrome.

Pups Luv Puppy Wellbeing Check instructions; signs of stress that could be negatively impacting your puppy can be identified with specific observation and examination techniques provided to you with your Pups Luv adoption. Early detection of health challenges is key to resolving them quickly and easily.

Pups Luv Sleep and Housebreaking Instructions; proper sleep periods and housebreaking protcols all work together to encourage maximum rest, reenergizing opportunities and proper elimination training outside of your home.

Pups Luv 21 Day Quarantine Instructions; your new puppy’s immune system is strengthening, however your puppy’s immune system will be challenged by the stress of environmental changes for the first two to three weeks in his/her new home. Do not travel anywhere other than to your puppy’s first veterinarian exam during these 21 days. In addition, do not take your puppy to any area commonly visited by other dogs and do not go to any dog parks for the first 21 days.

Pups Luv 10 Day Quarantine from other house pets; Do not expose or introduce your puppy to any other pets in your home, particularly any other puppies or adult dogs for the period of 10 days.

The Pups Luv Nutrition Kit


The PupsLuv Nutrition Kit includes a premium dry food, specialty mousse, and a puppy vitamin / appetite stimulant. This is the specific puppy food that your puppy has been eating. The puppy vitamin / appetite stimulant ensures your puppy eats well, and drinks well after going home.

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