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At PupsLuv, our purpose is to match each and every one of our amazing puppies with their perfect forever family. That is why we visit every PupsLuv Pup at the breeder’s home. We know each of our puppies, their mom and dad and the devoted, humane breeders who love and care for them. Having a healthy and happy companion is the most important thing. You can rest assured that each and every puppy has received a thorough veterinarian health examination and we back that with our 10 year PupsLuv Health Assurance Program.

Yes, our Canine Compliance Team visit our breeders onsite and inspects the facility, adult dogs and puppies.

All of our Canine Care Certified and USDA certified breeders have an ongoing veterinarian managed care and health plan for adults and puppies. Adult dogs have no less than an annual physical examination. Puppies have a health check up at 5 to 6 weeks and then again at 8 weeks. Most of the hobby breeders we work with have a similar but less formal program with their veterinarian.

Yes, all PupsLuv puppies have received all their vaccinations up to date to their weeks of age. Additionally and very important, PupsLuv has a proprietary prevention protocol program which every puppy receives. These important protocols go along way to ensure healthy, happy puppies ready for adoption to their loving forever home.

Firstly, everything we are and stand for at PupsLuv is anti-puppy mill. Puppy mills are the opposite of PupsLuv. Puppy mills are non-inspected kennels that are inhumane in their treatment of dog and puppies. PupsLuv has no tolerance for such bad players and believes when a puppy mill is found it should be shut down. Our anti-puppy mill screening process prevents such unethical and inhumane players from associating with PupsLuv. Although we have many protocols and checks in place to ensure no puppy mills at PupsLuv the most powerful is our investment in actually visiting and inspecting the breeder facility.

Health certificates are the proof of good health as determined by a licensed veterinarian per the veterinarian performing a thorough health examination and then attesting to that fact by completing and signing an official Health Certificate. All PupsLuv puppies are required to have a final Health Certificate issued prior to traveling to their forever home.

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