Who is PupsLuv?

Who we are:

PupsLuv is a group of like-minded individuals who are on a mission to ensure that everyone who wants a puppy can get one from a reputable, ethical, humane, and licensed breeder. We know it can be hard to research and know exactly what breeders are safe and licensed and which are disguising themselves. At PupsLuv, our purpose is to match each and every one of our amazing puppies with their perfect forever family. That is why we visit every PupsLuv Pup at the breeder’s home. We know our puppies, their mom and dad, and the devoted, humane breeders who love and care for them. Having a healthy and happy companion is the most important thing. You can rest assured that each and every puppy has received a thorough veterinarian health examination and we back that with our 10-year PupsLuv Health Assurance Program.

Our Breeder Standards:

We are in the business of ensuring that everyone can get a puppy that will complete their family! It is our number one goal to ensure that puppy mills are made extinct! We have ZERO TOLERANCE for puppy mills or puppies bred by backyard breeders who do not take the and provide the highest level of tender loving care, socialization, exercise, comfort, and affection or proper veterinarian care. We work directly with our breeders ensuring they follow the highest levels of inspection and certifications. All of our breeders are USDA licensed and inspected. Many of our breeders are Canine Care Certified and those who are not are actively working to obtain their certification. On top of that all of our breeders follow these guidelines as well; 

Program of Veterinary Care

Membership in state breeder organizations that focus on continued education

OFA compliance

PupsLuv puppies and parents alike enjoy quality time together roaming the multiple expansive play yards. Indoors they reside in clean and spacious temperature-controlled dog apartments and are provided with 24/7 inside or outside access as they please this top-notch facility has already provided so many families with a lifelong companion for their home yours could be next.

We are not an anti-rescue company:

At PupsLuv we believe every dog deserves a home! That is why we work with Purdue University and the Purdue canine care requires that all of our beautiful adult dads and mom dogs are bred for a maximum of only six years before they enter a new veterinarian-operated rehoming program to be adopted by their new lifelong family and enjoy their retirement years. We also work with our Veterinarian to ensure that any puppy born with a birth defect is given the highest level of care. If surgery is required we perform that surgery in-house to ensure that the puppy given the highest quality of life. 

We do not sell certain breeds of puppies because there is such an abundance of those breeds filling shelters across the US. It is for this reason we refer customers to their local shelters if they are looking for specific breeds. We would rather people rescue than buy certain breeds that are . 

What to expect:

PupsLuv cares! We Luv our human customers, puppies, moms and dads, and our breeders. What makes us different if we provide you with the highest level of puppy concierge. We are not brokers, we are here to facilitate a safe, fraud-free, and humane puppy first adoption. When you contact PupsLuv you will work one on one with a concierge who is available to answer any and all of your questions. They will help pick out the perfect breed for you and guide you through the reservation to pickup or delivery. The PupsLuv concierge is available even post-purchase to help answer any question for you as well. We ensure both parties are protected and enforce their respective obligations equally while pledging to ensure the puppy’s well-being is front and center.

How do I get a puppy Home?:

Pickup at PupsLuv:

We welcome you to PupsLuv in Connersville, Indiana to pick up your fur-baby.

We are located in the beautiful rolling hills of southeastern Indiana on our pristine 30-acre homestead, just 90 minutes east of Indianapolis, 60 minutes northwest of Cincinnati Ohio. We love meeting our new puppy parents and we’ll make sure your visit is a wonderful and memorable adoption experience.

All pickups will occur on Saturdays between 10am-12pm eastern standard time.

There is no charge for this service.

Address: 18178 Laurel Rd. Connersville, IN 47331


Home Delivery:

A specially trained PupsLuv puppy care nanny looks after your new puppy throughout the trip to your home, or, if you prefer, a convenient public location. Home deliveries will occur on Saturday’s unless you specifically request another day of the week. Please contact one of our Puppy Experts if you would like to schedule delivery on a different day of the week as there may be an additional charge for the special scenario. We will work to optimally accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability.

Personal Pup-Nanny Flight:

A specially trained puppy care flight nanny tends to your puppy throughout the entire journey, both on the ground and in the air. Your puppy’s personal flight nanny will be in contact with you throughout the journey, updating you with pics and even videos, all the while providing one-on-one care and attention to your new baby. We work with our puppy parent’s schedules in order to book air travel that is the most convenient.

For more information call us at 866-787-7588 today; available anywhere in the contiguous US.

What our Customers are saying:

Kimberly Foley⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was my first time dealing with a breeder of any kind and I had a really great experience with Pups Luv. I was given regular updates on Phoebe’s vet checks, her well-being and was sent photo updates also. In regards to pick up, everything went very smoothly. I had to drive 4 hours to pick her up but I would do it again. Thank you for the cutest Mini Aussie!!

Maria Ramirez ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best Adoption experience I have ever had!! I was super nervous when I found pups luv online. I was scared it would be a scam! Let me tell you……it’s not! Mark was in touch with me throughout the whole process! Absolutely in love with our Baby Girl!! I drove 5 hours and so worth it!!

Sharon Parker ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Skeptical. For sure. Drove out to the middle of nowhere Indiana. It’s legit. Lol. My hubby had his heart set on a Rottweiler. We started the process with Mark and he was prompt to answer questions. When we picked her up she was clean, parasite free, healthy microchipped, and with all her information. Truly an amazing pup. Very smart. I wanted to post a review to let others know if you have the means this is a great organization to go through. Her new name is Snickers, formally Loretta.

Next Steps: 

We Know Our Pups, We Luv Our Pups. We visit and health screen every Pups Luv Pup at the breeder’s home. We know our puppies, their mom and dad, and the devoted, humane breeder who loves and cares for them. We believe finding your perfect Pup should be comfortable and convenient.

Pup Luv believes that the parents of your new puppy are just as important as your new puppy itself. The Pups Luv team has a sincere passion for partnering with like-minded professional breeders. We maintain a high level of engagement with veterinarians, canine behaviorists, and certified canine health organizations to ensure the health and well-being of your puppy is our number one priority.

We can’t wait to help you find the newest member of your family!

Need Help?

PupsLuv Pros are expert puppy+pet parent matchmakers. We are here to answer any questions and assist in making your adoption experience a pleasure

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